Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have received many Frequently Asked Questions, we've decided to add them here in case you might have some similar ones. Feel free to contact us if you have questions that arent listed here.

Entrepreneurship Education prepares students to identify & confront challenges and opportunities.

” Professor of Stanford University , Faculty Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program – Tina Seelig “

When can we get started?

When you click enroll for an APLUZA academy course, whether it be KIDZ English or a KIDZ STEM course, we will schedule you to a 1:1 interview with our course instructors, this will allow us to allocate your child to the proper course level & give you all the information regarding the courses as well, including start & end dates & Other course information.

How do I enroll ?

Once you have decided which course you would like to enroll for, you can simply click enroll and follow the guidelines provided. If you are trying to apply from elsewhere, you can contact us at: +852 5112 3879

for any other information regarding course details or enrollment you can also email us at: apluza.academy@gmail.com

Is APLUZA Academy reliable?

although APLUZA Academy is relatively new, we have a team of highly dedicated and decorated teachers who are willing to serve ad better your child to foster them into more creative and fruitful thinkers.

           Try out our trial class and see for yourself!

What courses should I choose for my child?

Firstly, you can try to join our trial class and see if your child is able to catch up in the class and then you can make a decision based on his/her performance.

Secondly, after the enrollment of a course, the teacher will have a 20-30 minute interview/ introduction with the student to allocate them to a proper level, this will ensure your child gets the most out of the course and if the teacher sees that your child is performing below the allocated level, we are able to move them to a lower one if agreed to by the parents.

what will my child learn? it seems different than any other course I’ve seen before.

  Here at APUZA academy, we are dedicated to crafting courses that will help your child grow in confidence, creativity, leadership, & fluency. you can learn English grammar anywhere, but having the skills to actually speak up and vocalize yourself is different, here at APLUZA we want to see your child leave his/her mark. To do so, we have crafted unique courses that are unique to APLUZA.

             Try our trial class to see!

Do I get any certification at APLUZA?

Yes! we have our own personalized certificated that will be awarded upon completion of each course.

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