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APLUZA Academy STEM 到校課程

KIDZ Coding Junior ( 3 to 5-year-old )

This course is tailor-made for young kids aged 3-5 as their first step into exploring the world of computers. Get in touch with the user interface of ScratchJR. ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own interactive stories and games, Learn how to apply the event, action, and look command block.

KIDZ Coding Creator ( 6 to 8-year-old )

KIDZ Creator Coding Program combines international standards on technology education. It allows children to observe and analyze logically, and exert their imagination and creative ability.

The Creator Coding Program equips students with the ability to create projects with block-based programming tools and to apply their imagination and creativity.

KIDZ Coding Explorer ( 9 to 11-year-old )

Our goal for this programme is for students to gain an understanding of foundational computer science concepts and grasp the cognitive ability of programming. Through the study of different topics and cumulation of comprehensive knowledge, children can independently conceive coding projects.

Develop computational thinking skills, learn the first syntax-based programming language, understand design thinking and problem-solving skills, gain proficiency in the first syntax-based programming language.

Gain a deeper understanding of computer science concepts by applying them to various platforms.

KIDZ Coding Developer ( 12+ )

Apply computer science concepts to real-life problems, develop an understanding of modern technology, build projects using modern technology for the community.

Dive deeper into programming with modern languages, Gain fluency in current technological concepts, Develop the ability to self-learn technical knowledge, and Develop mobile applications and web projects.


STEM fields encourage spatial reasoning, “if-then” thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It gives the students an opportunity to look at problems from different angles and come up with unique solutions.


KIDZ Interview Skills

Want to prepare yourself with the right skill set for future interviews? this is for you! KIDZ Interview skills is a course for those who arent able to sell themselves yet and need some guidance on making that step.

KIDZ English Speaking

Want to understand how to make a lasting impression and leave listeners wanting more? This course is designed to guide you in English speech.


We at APLUZA Academy are dedicated to crafting new and useful lessons, courses, and tasks for 21st-century students. Stay tuned for more soon!

About KIDZ English

KIDZ English is designed to help students with a basic understanding of English to be able to become more outspoken learners. At APLUZA Academy, we believe that through our intensive KIDZ English courses, your child will gain the confidence, creativity, fluency & Leadership skills to stay 1 step ahead!


KIDZ Build your Tech Startup

Want to learn how to become a tech entrepreneur in the future?

For aspiring technologists, KIDZ Tech start-up course teaches students about we can use cutting-edge technology to help them innovate a fresh new tech startup idea.

Starting with the fundamentals of technology, students will learn how programming works using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Following this, students will identify a real-world problem that they would like to solve. Through design thinking activities and their newly acquired coding skills, they will design and prototype a working tech solution. Working independently or in small teams, students will then develop a business plan, company brand, and digital online presence.

KIDZ Entrepreneurship Regular Program ( 7 to 13-year-old )

We at APLUZA Academy have a goal to teach 21st-century skills to 21st-century students, to inspire & expand horizons. This course is an example of how we plan to do so. Students will learn different ways of gathering Captial to start their business. They will experience applying for a bank loan and pitching to Venture capitalists to fund their business.

Students will learn to:

Artiatcule, structure and present their ideas in organized and attractive ways through different communication tools

Structure and present a persuasive message

Handle questions and answer them in a professional manner

Design and ask useful questions to gather information for completing tasks 

Negotiate for a win-win situation

KIDZ Entrepreneurship Summer Camp 2021

About KIDZ Entrepreneurship

The future belongs to entrepreneurs. Creating sustainable ideas that grow in the individual and socioeconomic. 
We provide children with the opportunity to dream, create and grow their entrepreneurial ideas by encouraging independent thinking,
inspiring creativity, and enabling problem-solving skills that are necessary for a successful future.


KIDZ Fin-tech

In our KIDZ fin-tech, we go over the following and so much more!

1. Why does fintech matter to us? An introduction to fintech technologies
– fintech industry overview
– newest technologies + features
– spend + save + invest
– payment system
– investments algo

2. How fun is fintech?
2a. Fintech lab – 1v1 teaching of coding
2b. Software creation process
2c. Which libraries are used in fintech apps

3. So what’s next? Fintech careers in Hong Kong
3a. Motivation – perks in fintech careers
3b. Any other resources/reading

We have different courses that go according to age and level of understanding in Fin-tech


KiDZ FIN-TECH Is our newest course, so new ones will be coming out soon as we receive feedback from you all!

About KIDZ Fin-Tech

Kidz Fin-Tech is a course designed for open-minded, students and teens who know what their plans are and how they want to guide their lives. We offer first-hand education from our experience team and have numerous amount of data points to refer from and to.

Our courses are not only designed for those who know what they want to do but also for those who want to have the certain skillset such careers may require.



APLUZA strives to bring new and innovative learning experiences for your student to foster creative and new ways of thinking. We not only want your child to do good at APLUZA, but to keep the growth mindset and carry it into the future with them


Growth isn’t just getting taller or getting a higher mark on your test, its a mindset, the team at APLUZA makes this our common goal that permeates each course we create, making them fresh and makes a lasting impact on the student


Being a young and creative team of entrepreneurs at APLUZA, we are unique for having the perspective necessary to teach young children. Having completed our schooling recently, we have the advantage that we can teach up to date information and use the latest technology and tools possible

Course Rundown for KIDZ Courses

This is a simple explanation for how we operate at APLUZA and our standard procedure for students

  • 1


    Upon Course enrollment, An 1:1 interview will be scheduled

  • 2

    Intensive Classes

    Our Intensive programs will carry out for intended duration

  • 3


    Student will be assessed on course knowledge

  • 4


    Students will be evaluated & be given a final review with improvement tips

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