KIDZ English

KIDZ English

Tired of learning grammar & phonics? We at APLUZA Academy have got you covered! APLUZA has been hard at work creating unique KIDZ English courses so that each student will be able to learn the proper skills to leave their mark by being able to vocalize their thoughts and create intricate and thought-provoking questions & statements that can wow listeners and leave them thinking.

Quick Thinking

Be able to learn speech techniques that will allow you to be able to answer questions & navigate conversations quickly

Growth mindset

We at APLUZA want you to bloom, which is why our courses are crafted to help your child foster the learning attitude and keep their mindsets on improvement & growth.


APLUZA Academy puts education first, providing high-quality, yet affordable courses.

Interactive classes

APLUZA lessons are fun and interactive, which hook students in to create a fruitful environment to promote learning

Expert team

APLUZA instructorsrs are decorated with years of experience, with education from Cambridge and the U.S.A!


Upon completion of courses at APLUZA a personalized certificate will be granted to each student.

Response Analytics

KiDZ English Speaking


KiDZ English Interview


Investment return



We at APLUZA are proud to say that 95% of our students have completed courses with an overall satisfactory response, saying that the course instructor is very confident and responsive during classes, allowing the smaller children to feel less shy and be able to communicate more efficiently with the instructor.




Quality Control

All of our courses are hand crafted and are designed to offer your student the most cutting edge educational skills. Again, our motto is: Teaching 21st century students 21st century skills.

Distance Learning on ZOOM

We are still continuing our learning even during the Coronavirus pandemic! We value your health and safety, so we have decided to continue our classes through to distance learning.


Feel free to contact us about our courses and details about prices and student evaluation.

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    KIDZ English is designed to help students with a basic understanding of English to be able to become more outspoken learners. At APLUZA Academy, we believe that through our intensive KIDZ English courses, your child will gain the confidence, creativity, fluency & Leadership skills to stay 1 step ahead!


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