STEM fields encourage spatial reasoning, “if-then” thinking and creativity. It gives the students an opportunity to look at problems from different angles .

KIDZ Entrepreneurship

The future belongs to entrepreneurs. Creating sustainable ideas that grow in the individual and socioeconomic.


An intensive and immersive Bootcamp, for students to experience what it means to be a startup founder

KIDZ English

APLUZA has been hard at work creating unique KIDZ English courses so that each student will be able to learn the proper skills to leave their mark by being able to vocalize their thoughts . Access World-Class Education Systems & Establishments


KIDZ Creator Workshop

A two-hour workshop focused on Entrepreneurship. Creator Workshop is open to all students, with no entry requirement. Ideation provides an opportunity for students to get their first taste of entrepreneurship

KIDZ Fintech

Fintech and Financial Intelligence are important developments shaping the future of the financial sector . This course is designed to explore FinTech fundamentals and help make sense of this wave of change as it happens.

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