KIDZ Fintech

Children can learn good money habits at an early age

Kidz Fin-Tech is a course designed for open-minded, students and teens who know what their plans are and how they want to guide their lives. We offer first-hand education from our experience team and have numerous amount of data points to refer from and to.

Our courses are not only designed for those who know what they want to do but also for those who want to have the certain skillset such careers may require.


Fintech operate multilingual websites designed for different regions


Instructors are all equipped with exceptionally strong Fintech & Entreperneurship Background .


the syllabus is prepared to encourage teamwork. Kids can develop their leadership skills

KIDZ Fintech Program - Content

In this program, students are going to learn what Fintech is and how young entrepreneurs can be part of it’s future!

  • 1. Why does fintech matter to us? An introduction to fintech technologies
    – fintech industry overview
    – newest technologies + features
    – spend + save + invest
    – payment system
    – investments algo
  • 2. How fun is fintech?
    2a. Fintech lab – 1v1 teaching of coding
    2b. Software creation process
    2c. Which libraries are used in fintech apps
  • 3. So what’s next? Fintech careers in Hong Kong
    Motivation – perks in fintech careers


KIDZ Fintech Coach - Mr.Anson Sham ( Founder of APLUZA Academy )

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    We provide young people the opportunity to dream, create and grow their entrepreneurial ideas by encouraging independent thinking, inspiring creativity, and enabling problem-solving skills that are necessary for a successful future.

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