The Best E-commerce Startup Course in Hong Kong I’ve ever join! (Annie)

The Best E-commerce Startup Course in Hong Kong | wordpress course hk | apluza academy

Hello everyone! I’M Annie ! I’m here today because I’ve had a wonderful experience joining a WordPress workshop held by Apluza Academy. Before I start sharing, let me explain why I would join this workshop. SO here’s the thing, I joined a Cashflow workshop (which is also organized by Apluza Academy lmao) and it’s about financial management and future career path.

Then I was inspired by the workshop and decided to learn more skills so that I can achieve my ideal career path.

Well, I like graphic design, but isn’t it a bit too hard to stand out from the numerous professional graphic designers? I mean, I’m just a fresh graduate, how can I make myself a bit more valuable to the company? Guess what I’ve found? WORDPRESS WORKSHOP (For E-commerce startup) !!!

Well, in case you guys wanna know what WordPress is, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 38.8% of all the websites on the Internet. Even the Walt Disney Company and The White House are using WordPress as well. Like if I know how to use WordPress, I’ll get a higher chance to enter the company.

When I first entered the room, I turned on my laptop, I followed the tutor’s instruction and I downloaded WordPress. Surprisingly WordPress doesn’t cost as it is FREE in the first year. And here we go— building an online shop!

That’s Anson Sir – he always 1-1 private teach students how to build an e-commerce platform in hong kong

Anson, the tutor, taught us some basic functions of WordPress, like the fonts, the sizes, the colours and so on. Besides, he also told us how to connect links, how to increase the reach of the online shops/websites, how to set price and payment methods… These seem basic and easy, but y’all will be shocked if you know the price of hiring some companies to do these for you. It could cost HKD30000!!! Man, like seriously? HKD30000? Just to create a website which I can effortlessly do as many as I want by myself after joining this workshop? Let me tell y’all a tip so you would not need to waste your money. JOIN THIS WORDPRESS WORKSHOP!

One thing I absolutely appreciate is the good quality of the tutor. Anson is young, yet he already had start-ups. I heard many of his experiences setting a startup. I found these experiences novel and valuable to me. Nevertheless, Anson is attentive and nice. He answered our questions immediately whenever we asked. He also created a comfortable atmosphere so we all spoke freely during the workshop.

I’ve built my e-commerce website successfully! within 2 days

In this workshop, I met a lot of people who are going to start up online shops by using WordPress. We are still keeping in touch and we always share information about the industry. I’m not going to have an online shop tho, making new friends from this workshop is a bonus to me. I’m more than grateful for what I’ve gained from this workshop.

I recommend this workshop to you. This is fun and it’s absolutely useful. For those who wanna have a startup company or have extra skill, this workshop is what you need.

Two Days E-commerce Startup Accelerated Class

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